Torrent Parts Washer

The Next Wave In Aqueous Parts Washing Technology

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Torrent® Parts Washer is a revolutionary parts washer machine. It acts as a parts washer by using water, heat and pressure to clean tools and parts in need of sanitation. Partsmaster has been in business for over 40 years, providing products and solutions for businesses in the maintenance and repair industry all over the country.

The benefits of using the Torrent Parts Cleaner surmount any other parts cleaner machine on the market. It cleans faster than other instruments cutting labor costs and time spent cleaning parts. The Torrent Washer works by combining water, heat and pressure. Parts that once took hours to clean can now be restored back to brilliance in about a minute.

Another benefit of using the Torrent Parts Washer is that it is environmentally safe. It neither uses nor produces harmful chemicals or dangerous fumes. It also largely shrinks the exposure to noxious chemicals by the user. Overall use of the Torrent Parts Washer is one of the best, cost saving machines for your business.

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