No other parts washer has the features you're about to see...

Enclosed spray area

The sink, shown here, at the upper half of the machine is an enclosed area where parts are washed.


Your parts will be in here but you will be safe on the outside looking in. No harmful chemicals or splashing water to dirty your work clothes or get in your eyes!


Water nozzle & air blower

The water nozzle is powered by a recirculating pump that sprays water through the movable nozzle at 450 psi.


This nozzle is activated by a foot pedal and allows the user to direct the high-pressure, water-based cleaning solution into the nooks and crannies of the parts being washed.

The hand-activated air blower releases a jet of compressed air at 90 to 150 psi to dry and remove any loose debris or soils from the parts after being washed.


Multiple diodes create a bright interior cabinet. The enclosed light housing stays clean so the work area never gets dim.


The high luminosity means you can see the dirt and grime wash away.



The lid has a viewing glass window to allow proper visibility during use and two integrated ports that allow the user to handle the nozzle, air blower and the parts being cleaned while protecting the user's hands.


The integrated air knife on the interior side of the viewing glass (shown here in the zoomed inset) blows compressed air across the window while the pump is activated, allowing for better visibility by the operator as it blows away any water or grime that splashes back on the glass.


The ports on the Torrent's lid have 2 gloves for the user to be able to handle the parts while being washed and direct the water nozzle and air blower to the desired places.


These gloves are fully coated nitrile with a rough textured grip and have a great anatomical shape that is ultra comfortable for extended use and good mechanical resistance.


They protect your hands from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion and are impermeable.


We recommend wearing disposable gloves as liners before placing your hands through the glove ports. This ensures good hygiene to keep the interior of the gloves clean.


The lid includes a sensor on the upper right side that does not allow the Torrent to be operated for safety reasons when the lid is open.


This essentially deactivates the nozzle, air blower and pump. Preventing improper use while the lid is open is one of the many safety features built into the Torrent.


The bottom of the Torrent opens up to reveal the inner workings.


The stainless steel drum is rust resistant for harsher environments. The foot pedal that operates the high efficiency pump and the light switch for the LED lamp are both easily accessible.


*Note: US and European versions may vary.

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